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polyester staple fiber

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Polyester Staple Fiber is used for a variety of materials, including mattresses, sofas, pillows, dolls, nonwoven fabrics, automotive interiors, and many more. It is classified as either Virgin or Regenerated, and is available

in a range of colors.(White, Black, etc.)


Polyester Staple Fiber

Virgin Fiber

1) Virgin Hollow Fiber, Conjugated Non-Siliconized and Siliconized, 7/15D

2) Virgin Solid Fiber, Regular Non-Siliconized and Siliconized, 3/7/15D

3) Virgin Low Melt Fiber, 4D

4) Virgin Semi Dull Raw White 1.4D

5) Virgin Short Cut 1.5D 6MM

6) Virgin Micro Siliconized 0.7D  


Recycled Fiber

1) Regenerated Fiber, Super A Grade Non-Siliconized 6/15D

2) Regenerated Fiber, A Grade Non-Siliconized and Siliconized 6/15D

3) Regenerated Fiber, B Grade Non-Siliconized 6/15D

4) Regenerated Mixed Color Fiber, 6/15D

5) Flame Retardant Fiber 3/6/15D