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polyester staple fiber

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Polyester Staple Fiber is used for a variety of materials, including mattresses, sofas, pillows, dolls, nonwoven fabrics, automotive interiors, and many more. It is classified as either Virgin or Regenerated, and is available in a range of colors.(White, Black, etc.)



Polyester Staple Fiber

Virgin Fiber, Recycled Fiber

1) Virgin Hollow Fiber, Conjugated Non-Siliconized and Siliconized, 7/15D

2) Virgin Solid Fiber, Regular Non-Siliconized and Siliconized, 3/7/15D

3) Virgin Low Melt Fiber, 4D

4) Virgin Semi Dull Raw White 1.4D

5) Virgin Short Cut 1.5D 6MM

6) Regenerated Fiber, Super A Grade Non-Siliconized 6/15D

7) Regenerated Fiber, A Grade Non-Siliconized and Siliconized 6/15D

8) Regenerated Fiber, B Grade Non-Siliconized 6/15D

9) Regenerated Mixed Color Fiber, 6/15D

10) Flame Retardant Fiber 3/6/15D

11)Ball Fiber